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Cost: 2.300-3.800 $

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General Summary


  • No damage to the donor area and minimal permanent scar after transplantation

  • Supervision of a physician

  • Ability to use various types of hair transplantation methods

  • Able to perform hair transplantations with a maximum number of 5000 grafts, which is a big number

  • Has translators almost for every language


  • Hair transplantation prices are high

  • Recently they often get negative comments at google, facebook and trustpilot

  • Their customers are complaining about the transplantations not being as decent as in the past

  • They accept more than 3 hair transplantations a day

  • Dr. Cinik is a physician but not a plastic surgeon

  • They do not operate in a hospital

Hair Transplantation Methods

FUE Technique

Sapphire, Painless, Perkutan and Manual technique are all sub-methods of FUE technique, and has no differency in terms of implementation and result. Those are terms used only for marketing. They do not have any advantages or disadvantages over each other.

DHI Technique

DHI is another technique used for hair transplants, and may be a good choice for hair transplants which involve less than 2000 grafts. However, it is better to choose the FUE technique if the number of the grafts planned to be planted is more than 2000.

Final Review

You have the option to have both FUE and DHI hair transplant at dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Clinic.

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About Dr. Cinik Clinic

Dr. Emrah Cinik is considered as one of the most renowned and experienced hair Transplant surgeons in Turkey. He laid the foundation for his career by studying medicine at the Uludag University. In 2002, immediately after his successful graduation, he proved his newly acquired expertise in Bursa in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetics. Already in 2007, Dr. Emrah Cinik opened the Medical Aesthetic Centre in Istanbul and from then on dealt with a special field of plastic cosmetics: hair loss and hair transplantation. His patients appreciate his experience and dedication: He has already carried out over 1,000 hair transplants for good reason.

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  • Besiktas/Istanbul, TURKEY