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Cost: 4.000-10.000 $

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  • Hair is planted very tightly

  • A maximum number of 2 hair transplantations are performed a day

  • Operating within a big hospital
  • No damage to the donor area and minimal permanent scar after transplantation

  • Supervision of a physician

  • Ability to use various types of hair transplantation methods

  • Able to perform hair transplantations with a maximum number of 5000 grafts, which is a big number

  • Has translators almost for every language
  • Continuous post-operative support with great interest


  • They only have English and German translators
  • Generally, they perform hair transplantations with a maximum number of 2000-3000 grafts
  • Hair transplantation prices are too high

Hair Transplantation Methods

FUE Technique

Sapphire, Painless, Perkutan and Manual technique are all sub-methods of FUE technique, and has no differency in terms of implementation and result. Those are terms used only for marketing. They do not have any advantages or disadvantages over each other.

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About Dr. Keser Clinic

Dr. Keser has been one of the leading FUE surgeons in the world for a long time. He has been performing FUE successfully for more than ten years and he has a unique experience of FUE. With more than one thousand satisfied patients, he is regarded as one of the most successful FUE surgeons in the world by hairtransplantation authorities. He is the first to perform FUE in Turkey and from that time he has made an extensive satisfied patient portfolio. Considering many patients of him want to make another appointment for a second, sometimes even third surgery just to provide some additional density or to lower the hairline down some more, Dr Keser’s popularity is mostly under favour of the quality of his work. His and the medical team’s confidential approach to his patients and hospitality help patients feel safe, comfortable and pleased throughout the procedure. Also there are several other reasons including technical and procedure-related details for choosing Dr Keser for a clean, refined and satisfactory result.

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  • +90 536 798 82 00

  • +61 437 799 111

  • Cankaya/Ankara, TURKEY