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General Summary


  • Hair is planted very tightly

  • A maximum number of 6 hair transplantations are performed a day
  • Operating within a big hospital
  • Up to %98 of planted hair is viable
  • No damage to the donor area and minimal permanent scar after transplantation

  • Supervision of a physician

  • Ability to use various types of hair transplantation methods

  • Able to perform hair transplantations with a maximum number of 5000 grafts, which is a big number

  • Continuous post-operative support with great interest


  • They only have English and German translators
  • Hair transplantation prices are not to cheap
  • Hair transplantation prices aren’t cheap

Expert Review


Jonah T.

staff writer and Hair Restoration Specialist

Before I reviewed Hermest Hair Clinic, I had already heard its name frequently. The clinic has been chosen as Turkey’s best hair transplant clinic seven times in a row and has received numerous positive mentions in renowned newspapers such as Mirror, Yahoo, Forbes, JPost, and Manchester Evening News. With over 20 years of experience and a promise of 100% customer satisfaction, the clinic boasts 324 Google reviews without a single complaint.

Located in Istanbul-Üsküdar, Hermest Hair Clinic performs its operations in a fully equipped hospital. The clinic’s strong team of doctors includes world-renowned hair transplant experts Dr. Ahmet Murat and Dr. Esra Bascin.

Like many hair transplant centers, Hermest offers all-inclusive hair transplant packages, with prices varying based on the package contents. However, it is important to note that the clinic exclusively provides hair transplant services and only offers interpreters for English and German languages.

Exploring Hermest Hair Clinic: A Thorough Step-by-Step Guide

Initial Communication and Booking Process

How is the customer service at Hermest when getting a free hair analysis?
One of our team members decided to test the clinic, and it took her a couple of minutes to answer the poll questions.

Hermest website has the following contact options:

  • Free Hair Analysis
  • Contact Form
  • WhatsApp Number

She initially opted for the first option, which opened up a few automated poll questions. They required information about her hair condition, such as a description of hair loss, transplant history, current medication, and

After providing all the information, a contact form opened requiring her name, email, and mobile number. She provided all the information and received a thank-you message.

After a few minutes of filling out their automated contact form, a WhatsApp message popped up from Melis, a Hermest Medical advisor. She asked her to share clear photos of her hair from different angles.

Booking Process

  • English website available
  • Free hair loss analysis
  • Detailed information on procedures
  • A clear price list is available
  • Team information available

The Hermest Clinic booking system is simple. You can start with free hair analysis and book your free consultation online by providing the required information, including pictures of your hair.
If you want immediate help, WhatsApp or a call could be your favourite option. Hermest Hair Clinic Turkey will respond to your queries instantly and guide you through the hair transplant process, which significantly depends on your medical conditions.

They asked her the following questions to analyze her hair and history.

1) How old are you?
2) Have you ever had a hair/beard transplant before? If yes, when?
3) Have you ever undergone any operation before?
4) Do you suffer from any cardiac, blood-borne diseases, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes or epilepsy?
5) Do you have a contagious disease? (HIV, hepatitis, etc.)
6) Did you have any cancer in the past? If yes, when?
7) Do you use any medicine?
8) Do you have any allergies?
9) What is your pain tolerance? Low or high?

The cost of hair transplants at Hermest Hair Clinic

Hermest Clinic offers 10 hair transplant options. Select the suitable method after carefully analyzing your hair.

The key hair transplants are:

● Unique FUE Hair Transplant
● DHI Hair Transplant
● Unshaven Hair Transplant
● Beard Hair Transplant
● Hair Transplant for Women

FUE hair transplant costs $2300 to $3400, and hair roots are collected with special micromotors and implanted in the bald areas after considering the angle and direction of hair growth. Micromotors speed up the process.

DHI transplant uses a special pen to implant hair follicles quickly, costing $2700. It offers a precise and natural-looking solution for baldness and hair loss. As per our test, Hermest Customer service representative said that their packages are technique-based and give exact fees after analyzing hair.

Details About the Place Where the Operation is Performed

Hermest Hair Clinic is located in Uskudar, an Instabul municipality in Turkey. There, they have a fully equipped hospital through which they offer their services. With over 22 years of experience, the clinic has carved a name for itself in the Turkish hair transplant scene. Although they use local anesthesia during transplant procedures, their website mentions that they also have a cardiologist in the clinic capable of handling any issues that may arise.

Who are the doctors? Who performs the operations?

As one of the well-equipped services, Hermes Hair Clinic is staffed with top experts. Each of their hair transplant specialists has at least 10 years of experience in their field and an international hair transplant specialist certificate. The team is led by renowned expert Dr. Ahment Murat who is the resident hair transplant surgeon and cardiologist. He’s assisted by the medical director Dr. Esra Bascin. The team also features a medical doctor, dermatologist, and plastic surgeon.

The Clinic’s Attention During the Post-Hair Transplant Process

After the operation, you will receive a special warranty certificate that you have had a hair transplant. Surprisingly, communication with you after the operation is not stopped. The Hermest follow-up team will follow the process for one year.

There are no additional charges for aftercare. Everything included medicine, medical products, and a 1-month shampoo kit. They also provide 3 months care sets after hair transplantation. However, they have a 6-month hair repair kit in the hospital kit for 400 euros if you want, but it’s up to you.

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Hair Transplantation Methods

Hermest Hair Clinic employs a range of cutting-edge hair transplant techniques to cater to the unique needs of each patient. Their advanced methods include:

  • Unique FUE: This proprietary variation of the FUE method combines innovative techniques developed by Hermest to optimize hair graft survival and placement, ensuring denser and more natural-looking results.
  • DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)
  • Sapphire FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • No Shave Hair Transplant
  • Beard Transplant

These diverse methods enable Hermest Hair Clinic to customize treatments according to the specific needs and preferences of each patient, ensuring optimal outcomes and the best possible results.

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Hermest Hair Clinic has a total of 324 reviews on Google and 66 reviews on Trustpilot. Since clinics can sometimes receive paid reviews, I chose to focus more on the negative feedback. Below are the links to the review platforms and the number of negative reviews for your reference.

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About Hermest Hair Clinic

To achieve the most natural results, care should be taken with the maximum number of grafts to designate the hair, appropriate to patient-specific forehead line structure. In order to achieve this result, personalized hair transplantation design and planning is a necessity. Among 10 methods, we choose the most suitable method for you when planning your hair transplantation. Choosing from 10 types of methods and being an expert in them requires at least 10 years of experience. Each of our hair transplant specialists has at least 10 years of experience in their field and an international hair transplant specialist certificate.



  • +90 536 664 15 15

  • +90 536 664 15 15
  • Uskudar/Istanbul, TURKEY