1-     Because this is a surgical operation, you definitely should ask if the operation is performed under the supervision of a physician. You also should keep in mind that the physician must be a plastic, aesthetic or a reconstructive surgeon. Also keep in mind that no physician can perform the hair transplantation operation himself. If he/she tries, that would mean 2 days with you having 15 to 16 hours of local anesthesia. And this is an uncomfortable situation. Supervision of a physician means that the place is in accordance with the procedures of ministry of health and that you will be dealing with a real interlocutor if you have a problem later on.

2-    Consider the potential of the place where you get your hair transplantation I think that you should avoid companies (this might be either a clinic or a hospital) where there are more than 4-5 hair transplantations a day, because it means that it is uncertain if the team or person who are going to perform your hair transplantation is a legit, proper expert. Of course there are places where they accept more than 4-5 hair transplantations a day and still have perfect results, but this is up to your luck, so it is a gamble.

3-  There are “under the counter” places Hair transplantation must be performed in a sterile room. Unfortunately some companies even perform it in apartments. Stay away from them. The operation definitely must be performed at a clinic or hospital. You can get an appointment an see the place in advance.

4-  Do not fall for the photos that have been sent to you, nor people. They share hundreds of photos in the internet, social media etc. but no one shares the bad results. And they can also trick you by giving you a number, of who they claim to made hair transplantation. That person may be their own employee.

5-  Thoroughly research the hair transplantation center. You can check the comments at google maps but do not forget that positive comments can easily be bought or can be artificially created, but negative comments can not be fake. That’s why pay attention for negative comments. Check why did they get negative comments and how many.

6-  Prefer the place where 1 hair transplantation is accepted a day. This means that there is only 1 team and that they will be dedicated only to you.

I had lots of people telling me “they told me 3500 grafts but I saw 2700 in the paper, they told me 4000 grafts but it lasted only 5 hours.” Consequently, they will accept someone after you. A hair transplantation consisting 4000 grafts should last around 8 hours.

7-  Hair transplantation methods. This is one of the most important matters. We all are curious about the technique that will be used, but there is a horrible information pollution on the web. Most up-to-date technique for hair transplantation is FUE. In addition to this now there are techniques called sapphire, gold fue, as if they are new techniques. There are special needles used in hair transplantation, which are called “punch” and the tip of some of these punchs are golden colored, so they call it gold fue. Likewise, some of them look like sapphire so they call it “sapphire hair transplantation”. This is merely a marketing strategy… Besides this there is a technique called DHI which I will be dealing in the next article.

8-  DHI is one of the most popular techniques recently and it carries a big marketing strategy. Let me be clear, DHI really is an useful and successful technique but it only works if there is a small hair loss. For instance if you need 1000 grafts DHI is a good choice but if you need more than 2500 grafts DHI will never be enough to plant the hair tightly. If someone tells you that they will use DHI to plant more than 2500 grafts, know that it is going to take more than 2 days, which means you to have anesthesia that will last for 16 hours, a very unhealthy situation. Another matter about DHI is you being unaware of what is happening behind you while you are getting hair transplantation. They may tell you that they use DHI but they might be using standard fue tips for operation. Let’s suppose you agreed with some place and they will perform a DHI. You are in the process, they harvested hair follicles, everything is going smooth and they perform it with standard tips! Of course, you do not have the option to leave that operatory chair because hair follicles are harvested, and if you cause trouble it would be against your favor. You should be very cautious about this. DHI is not a technique that creates miracles. I can tell you that they all are sub-methods of FUE. The important thing is the expert performing this operation.

9-  PRP treatment. PRP treatment is also a bloated treatment like DHI. Yes, it has benefits but it is a continuous treatment which should be applied a long time. Which means it is not going to succeed if you do it only once. You should regularly do it for 12 months until your hair starts to grow to get results. Many companies give PRP as a gift but is not a necessity to accept something useless.

10-  This is going to be the last article. I hope you all can get good results and I wish you the best. The budget should be the last thing to consider when researching. Yes there are places who do it for 2.000 liras, and places who do it for 60.000 liras because it is a free market. That’s why, you should first consider about the matters I wrote on these articles, then consider the budget.