Infinity Hair Transplant In Turkey

Cost: 1.000-1.800 $

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General Summary


  • Operating within a hospital

  • Ability to use various types of hair transplantation methods


  • Recently they often get negative comments at google

  • Their customers are complaining about the transplantations not being as decent as in the past

  • They accept more than 3 hair transplantations a day

Hair Transplantation Methods

FUE Technique

  • Micro FUE
  • Nano FUE
  • Perkutan technique

All those hair transplant techniques are all sub-methods of FUE technique, and has no differency in terms of implementation and result. Those are terms used only for marketing. They do not have any advantages or disadvantages over each other.

DHI Technique

DHI is another technique used for hair transplants, and may be a good choice for hair transplants which involve less than 2000 grafts. However, it is better to choose the FUE technique if the number of the grafts planned to be planted is more than 2000.

Final Review

You have the option to have both FUE and DHI hair transplant at Infinity Hair transplantation Clinic.

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About infinity Hair Transplant

Infinity centre is considered as the most leading hair transplant centre in Turkey, it was established more than a decade ago, through this period of time, a lot of experience were achieved in hair transplant Surgeries and eliminating baldness problems as a final solution for treatment. Infinity hair centre took the lead among specialized medical centres of hair transplant and beauty care around Turkey and Europe in general. They use the latest technology that modern medicine has reached; the centre has operated more than 22000 head hair, eyebrows and hair of chins transplant surgeries including transplanting for beautification purpose or restoration of skin affected areas that are results from burns and wounds that require deep experience in such a field.



  • +90 539 392 91 00

  • +90 539 392 91 00

  • Gaziosmanpasa/Istanbul, TURKEY