Web sites such as Google Maps, Swarm, Whatclinic, Trustpilot and Provenexpert are platforms where individuals, clinics and foundations can be criticised. You may register and comment as you wish regarding your experience.

However, people usually use these sites only to share their bad experiences, not the good ones. Consider yourself. When was the last time you commented about a place that made you satisfied? You probably could not remember, or you are aware that it has been a long time.

But most of the time, you opt to share it as much as possible and make negative comments when you confront something you do not like or when you are unsatisfied. That kind of attitude is not unique for you, everyone has the same tendency.


Why are there hundreds of positive comments if such a small number of positive experiences are shared by people?

At this point we are facing a marketing strategy. Businesses with lots of positive comments either use their personnel, who with fake accounts post positive comments, or pay to other cooperations for them to make positive comments. That’s why you should not fall for positive comments. Rather try to search for negative comments.


What are the things that I should pay attention when looking for negative comments?

You should thoroughly read negative comments. The important thing is “why” individuals share negative comments.

For instance if a negative comment is about the price, you may ignore it. But if hair transplantation center serves an irresponsible attitude towards the patient who bought service from them, this becomes a serious problem.